Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cupid Night with Bourgeois dollz

Okay it so happens that it's been a very big pleasure having the bourgeois dollz on my blog a few months back when I featured them. There was one statement they made and I promised I was going to call them out on it when the time came, and today is the day. They simply stated that Class is a common ground between them and the men of Ginjah entertainment, and today, based on the pictures alone, I think I can definately say that they were not far off the mark.
Ladies and gentlemen, and readers alike, without further ado, let's see the best pictures of the Cupid Night, in order.

The only thing I found wrong about this was the girl behind him. He was meant to be alone in this picture or at least the girl should have come by his side so it doesn't look as if she's scrumging for recognition.

Love the contrast between the shoe and the dress. You know someone has either swag or something beautiful when they can make a very slutty dress look elegant.

Oh, the girl in the extreme left is easily the best girl here. Loved the outfit, and what she did with her hair in the pose. Hair tossing #tohbadt

I checked to see if he took a picture with the girl above, but no such luck. In this picture it is tantamount to understand that the dress is not that great, it is just simple at best, but the manner in which it suits him, is what makes this picture my fourth best.

It is just me or do I suddenly feel the urge to eat #cakecakecake. I wasn't feeling the clothes though. The guy on the left looked too simple, I mean what's up with the T-shirt, it wasn't even funny, and the pink was just too sharp, and for goodness sake, if that is not an I-phone  unlimited or at least a diamond/titanium porsche blackberry, lose it, in the pictures, thanks.

Okay I wasn't feeling the carmouflage or what do they call it these days, and the Bishop collar isn't my thing either, and I think the choice of colour for the purple jeans was quite brave. I don't know but the guy in the camouflage looked a wee bit out of place. Love the confidence brimming from the other two guys though.

I know you guy can do better than this, I mean are these not the same girls that did Geek versus Naughty, where is the elegance and the touch of sluttiness that I've come to associate you girls with. Not cool.


Love the girl on the right with the red shoes. Yellow and purple?, The multicoloured hair was 'kay.

A limousine will only do so much to show that some people have class. You have to also put effort into it. HABA! That leg strap or panty hose or something is very risky, I say very risky.

In your next party picture I want to see something crazy, a good girl gone bad sort of thing. This is good though, don't get me wrong, but variety, they say, is the spice of life.

Me liking the girl on blue jean shorts.Simple and short, and I've been seeing this girl a lot lately, she can take good pics.

I know you can do better than this. The hair did not do you justice,  leave the hair to the geisha, gurl, you could have done something really heavy or a fly away kind of hair style. But I have to take something good out of this picture, lemme see.............................. Nice body.

Me looking but me no see no Bourgeois status. I know you can do better, you have done better in fact.

Love what the girls wore, and the guy really looks cool. I would forgive the simplicity of his clothes just because I think he looks very cool with the nerdy glasses on. He is fiesty, I love the facial expression.

A beautiful picture to end a wonderful night.

For those of you wondering why I haven't been putting up posts lately, thanks for the messages. I will reply every request for my personality corner with a YES or a NO as soon as possibe. The reason I've been AWOL for a while now is cos I officially became an aunty recently, and the aunty status was a bit shaky if you can decode so I couldn't really do much till everything was in order, but I'm back, and Aurora continues.....

Hope you guys are having a great year.

In a HYPNOTIC state of mind.......