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Aurora features Hymi

My readers, ladies, and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming self-aclaimed chosen King, Shurlarr Hymi. 

Before we start, I would like to just say that this shot is amazing, and I can't seem to understand how I missed it in the party picture reviews. Where are you from?

I'm from Akoko LGA, Edo state, Nigeria. I live in Kharkov; I study avionics in national aerospace university Kharkov

How did you come up with the name Hymi, care to tell us what it means?

Hymi was given to me by my girlfriend. She made it from my middle name Ahinmiole (pronounced as hymiole)

How would you describe your music or form of entertainment for the public audience if they have never seen you before?

Well I think my kind of music is afro beat but I always try to blend my personality into it. On my stage performances, I draw inspiration from my role model D’banj. I do GOOD music and I hope I rep GOOD music someday.

Thinking way back to early childhood, what was your first experience with music like? What song do you remember most as a child?

I really love music, music is like my life. I started humming and making notes when I was as little as six years old. When I was younger I enjoyed singing ABBA's Money Money Money; you know pupsy things now, you dare not play any other song, lol.

We are all Aware of how the music industry has exploded in Nigeria, and how music has matured or has changed over the past few years. How does the music you listen to now, differ from way back then?

Well I think music nowadays really doesn’t pass any message. We are just all about the rhythm and groove. The only significant difference is the improved sound quality. Our music has not matured it has only taken a different turn. The only real musician I see is ASA, never seen anyone more creative.

What was the first song you ever sang, what was the experience like?

The first song I recorded was "Dance" in a local studio. I broke the CD after the production because I wasn’t pleased with it. It’s still my best write up though but it’s yet to be released.

We are our own greatest critiques, I would love to hear it though. When and where was the first time you performed live? Did it go well?

My first performance was at my aunt's birthday four years ago. It was wonderful. I think I actually wowed the audience. Then again, maybe it’s because they all knew me, and were just trying to be nice. Another great performance I had was in zap two years ago. I loved it, I love them too, Zap city (I see you) much respect to Santos!

This music, is it something you're taking seriously, or is it just an on-the-side thing? 

Well, for now it’s an on-the-side thing as you put it. I have some other things I’m into, like school and other stuff, and it’s not easy sharing my time for them all. But it’s mostly because I’m disconnected from my source of inspiration; my guys in Lughansk inspire me a lot. I also feel more in the game when I’m within the shores of Naija, any minute I touch down Nigeria or Lughansk things won’t stop popping.

IF you had to describe your music in three or four words, what would you call it?

Entertaining, groovy, humorous and rhythmic

How do you come up with the lyrics of your songs, I especially like Get Down and Turn me on?

 I write lyrics from anything that comes to mind, but at times I try hard not to go too raw. Things around me, from articles, quotes, proverbs, almost anything can inspire me; I take them all together and create a funny scene.  If any of these are absent then it’s an emotional song.

Who does your beats?

WAZZ beat (Nigeria), DAjay (superproduca) Fejadave, Lammie, Jae syxx, Oleg (hit factory) and charmlex

Do you have any fan comments of how your song has affected or changed them.

Yeah "African dream" although I was featured on the track.they love it.

Do you have a fan club, a Face book page, twitter handle or any other means where your fans can reach you?

I have a fan page on face book, "SInG wIt HyMi", (excuse me) see as I hold mic for that picture since my voice don crack nobody gree follow me sing. Lol, and my twitter handle is "iTshymoi"

Someone once said "Write what you would love to perform over and over" with that in mind which of your songs do you love to perform the most.

African dream, it’s not mine but I love that track. I like performing African dream because of the memories behind it, and whenever I listen to the demo version the chorus, it always makes me proud of myself.

Tell me about your most embarrassing moments if you care to share?

An embarrassing moment, hmmm! Well, while in Nigeria I was on a phone date with this girl I had never met before. She sounded so cool and angelic and she was always talking about her beauty, class and all. I felt like she was a good catch until we met in person after a couple of months and I felt like hanging myself. If she hadn’t made so much fuss on how beautiful and classy she was, I could understand but the girl looked nothing like she sounded. I didn’t say a word to her anyway.

If you could perform with anyone in the world either dead alive or retired who would it be and why?

The international Act I would like to perform with is Enrique Iglesias. He is my best international musician, I love all his songs and he really inspires me. I wish I had his voice. Another person is D’banj; I love him so much, yeah so MUCH!!!

Have you collaborated with any other artists? If so who are they?

I have had "collabos" with wonderful and talented people around Ukraine, Preachazson and Fejadave, Int, Beesmoke, Charmlex and VCG. Still looking out to get some more

What advice would you like to give other upcoming artists?

Our fame is coming like a dream bros. Pick the sense from the nonsense you are told, that bright star is in you don’t let it be dulled or dented by what people say, if you believe in your ability, be in pursuit of your dream relentlessly. Let’s be united. Music in its real sense is Harmonious, if we are real musicians we should rep what we do, peace! God bless us all.

One more thing, Can u give a shout out to Aurora Dandridge, your friends and family?

I say wassup to my friends and my foes.
Reality is my pager dats how my life goes.
I rep for Kingsbridge and I’m chilling with Dandridge.
To entertain is what I do, ne'er slipping off that bridge.
Holla this is shurlarr, my tunes are pasted on my collar.
I’ll make u move to the groove, oh yeah!
There can be no other, High me! Oh me?
I always like it low-key, bend!
Squeeze up ya face and wiggle it like showkey.

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