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It's been a while, but as usual I am happy to present to you a new personality. Without further ado, help me welcome Carlz Freshkid... Read More

I was quite fortunate to be granted this interview from one of Zaporozhe's finest. A very pretty lady if my opinion counts, with a touch of elegance. Readers I present to you, Rukky. Read More

I love my medical books especially the ones on gynecology and obstetrics because I'm thinking along that path. I don't read novels, never been able too. I've tried on countless occasions but I just can't except its all those lady bird ones with pictures... Read More

I'm a member of Hypnotic entertainment, an entertainment group in Ukraine. I'm the third child of four boys, and I went to... Read More

No, I wasn’t expecting to win the award. Though I was a nominee for all the social awards, when I heard my name I was kind of shocked because, yes I do attend most parties because Read More

I would kiss Beyonce, Smooch Nicki and spend the night with Rihanna cos I think she’ super BAD. Read More

If I had to choose a book, it would be 'Scarecrow' by Mathew Reilly. The whole book was just a crazy exciting race against time which is what I think life is all about. Trying to achieve the most you can before your time's up. 
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