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My name is Kolapo Durojaye Soyinka, but I am popularly known as DJ Cole. I'm a proffessional DJ and also a final year student living and schooling in Lugansk, Ukraine. I was born.... Read More

Well, due to the fact that most parties I play in are club parties, I only settle for a Numark mix-track pro for my regular practice and I use and kind of DJ software available. I'm not limited to a particular software.... Read More
We are Hypnotic entertainment, and our names are Emeka Nwune, Uche Onuoha a.k.a Bob acres, Precious Ikpeha a.k.a Da Prechi, Kolapo Durojaye a.k.a DJ COle, and Ebube Benibor.... Read More

Bourgeois has a lot to do with wealth. So basically, bourgeois dollz is a group of classy and refined girls coming together to do something epic. Actually DJ Beeba came up with the name... Read More

We had our Debut Party on the 12th of November 2011. It was amazing as our expectations were beaten by the turn out and the presence of some big names in Ukraine, yeah it was a great party... Read More

Putting a smile on the faces of listeners should be your priority and if you work towards proving people wrong about being the loser they think you are, it’s probably because you’re also thinking the same thing about yourself... Read More

Our fame is coming like a dream bros. Pick the sense from the nonsense you are told, that bright star is in you don’t let it be dulled or dented by what people say, if you believe in your ability, be in pursuit of your dream relentlessly. Let’s be united. Music in its real sense is Harmonious, if we are real musicians we should rep what we do, peace! God bless us all. Read More