Friday, 26 October 2012

Rave 9 Partisode candid moments

I am only going to give a few words before I go into this pictures. I'm not even going to explain why this is coming so late, you guys are just going to have to bear with me, but for real though..... IT IS NOT COMPULSORY TO POST YOUR PARTY PICTURES, IF THEY AREN'T LOOKING SO GOOD. Trust me. That being said....

I know for a fact that this chick is actually much more better looking than this, but the camera guy or woman should be stabbed to death. This is over editing in the worst way.

No seriously. What happened to the space on the right side. For all that matters we might be looking at posters, the people there are not even really obvious. SMH. I love what the girl on the left wore.

That unusual moment when this is one of the best pictures of the lot. Simple no need for any extreme gangster signs unlike some people. #wink#

Next. I really don't like boys with long hair, or that plate their hair. If it's not dada, or neatly proportioned afro, loose it.

In relation to the other pictures..... NIce

Loving the nerdy look on the girl, and the subtle red strands on her hair to go with the red blazer and the rim of the glasses was just classic. But the camera woman or man must not like the organizers of this party, haba.

The guy on the extreme left, your ensemble is just perfect. I would have commented on the dark shades in a room, (which is a no-no for me) but I love the outfit and I'm going to let it slide. #regalthings

Nice pose even though I think it has been overdone, nice facial expression, but the camera dude or lady again. #SMH

Another good picture of the lot.

Hokay now, the pic his nice sha. Hi like the guy hat the hextreme right best sha.


Love the shirts. Really matured look, but the gangster sign, leave it for the young uns. This and the picture of the boy in blue are the highlight of the pictures.

There were a lot other pictures, but I am not in the mood to really go in. My f-inbox has been going crazy so I decided to step out of my busy job, and do this.

I have a lot of interviews planned though, stay tuned.......

Friday, 1 June 2012

All Black Everything

I post pictures for only two reasons. Either because they are just that good, or so bad. I never post pictures if they are in between because it's going to be a boring post. These pictures were in between and if I hadn't received a couple of requests to review these pictures, I would have been snoozing, preparing the posts I have planned for the next semester. You guys should expect the unexpected.  lol.

In as much as the pose is getting tired. I still like it, he looks evil, and the black only made it worse, in a good way. Love it, the only problem is that I'm used to seeing this pose. A more sophisticated look won't be bad either.

You really don't have to dress in a sleezy way to get people's attention and this lady proves it. A very simple gown, with a necklace and shoes to match (I'm not a fan of the shoes by the way but still.) Yes you look elegant

Another nice one, classy, I love. I love the shoes, and I like that she's not wearing any horrid looking panty hose, but again maybe it's because she knows her legs are almost flawless. Lovely, flaunt what you've got babe. The smile didn't do her justic though , it was almost as if it was copied and pasted. You'll understand when you see the other pictures.

Loving this as well. I'm not a fan of the watch though, but every other thing is cool. The pose is one of the best I've seen since I started paying attention, and the leeegggssss, nice.

But for the panty hose, this picture would have been amazing. Don't do that darling, or at least wear a colour that won't stand out so much against the flash light or something. 

I'm only posting this picture because of Wizkid sorry, the guy in yellow pants. You cute, you cute. If anyone can give me his name as a comment I would be very grateful.

OMG is that queen Doubra. Your highness Morowei I come bearing gifts. Anyway, differences aside. I think they both killed it. The girl on the left looks too cute it's not even funny, an all black shoe would have been nice, or a single colour but still, justice was done to fashion in this pic. Doubra's pose is very risqué, a little more push and it might have been awkward. #ihopemyenglishiscorrect.

I hope you understand me now, when I say copy and paste.

If looks could kill, the camera that took this picture would have exploded on the first snap, and the photographer's family would be dead. It's not compulsory to take a (black carpet) picture if you don't want to. I'm even scared as I'm writing this, and I'm trying not to make eye contact. Is this a clique or something, and is she the Queen B or what, I don't understand. The girl on her right is looking good though, loving the crazy coloured shoes, I think I have something similar to that.

Honestly, those shoes!!!!! I'm exercising my right to remain silent, but jeez!!!

She reminds me partly of Chilli in TLC and ARA the drummer. I love it, she's among the best dressed I've seen.

I give this dude a 100% for the effort. This is so brave, I totally have (not totally) no problem, the shoes, the coloured pants even the blazer are good to go. The only problem I have is the chest hair if my eyes are not deceiving me. It's my opinion, I know a lot of girls that are into body hair, but I don't dig it.

The girl with the scanty hair is cute. Not a big fan of the outfit, but it's still good.

Was this a house party or club party, just asking to be sure. And where are all them other cute guys, haba!!!!

Is that a Supra or is it just an oversized shoe. Leave this kind of shoes to the teenagers, you are way better than this. You just messed this up for me, when I asked where are the cute guys, you were what I had in mind, but this shoes.... NO!!!

Sweet. To the guy in red, thank you for wearing this. People just because it is a black on black party does not mean you must wear black even though you know that the black you have is not, well...... I'm not saying you should not follow dress code, but please if what you have under the dress code is not making sense, then wear what is. In other gist, I like guys that take out time to sort out what they wear. cool!!!!!

That's all folks.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cupid Night with Bourgeois dollz

Okay it so happens that it's been a very big pleasure having the bourgeois dollz on my blog a few months back when I featured them. There was one statement they made and I promised I was going to call them out on it when the time came, and today is the day. They simply stated that Class is a common ground between them and the men of Ginjah entertainment, and today, based on the pictures alone, I think I can definately say that they were not far off the mark.
Ladies and gentlemen, and readers alike, without further ado, let's see the best pictures of the Cupid Night, in order.

The only thing I found wrong about this was the girl behind him. He was meant to be alone in this picture or at least the girl should have come by his side so it doesn't look as if she's scrumging for recognition.

Love the contrast between the shoe and the dress. You know someone has either swag or something beautiful when they can make a very slutty dress look elegant.

Oh, the girl in the extreme left is easily the best girl here. Loved the outfit, and what she did with her hair in the pose. Hair tossing #tohbadt

I checked to see if he took a picture with the girl above, but no such luck. In this picture it is tantamount to understand that the dress is not that great, it is just simple at best, but the manner in which it suits him, is what makes this picture my fourth best.

It is just me or do I suddenly feel the urge to eat #cakecakecake. I wasn't feeling the clothes though. The guy on the left looked too simple, I mean what's up with the T-shirt, it wasn't even funny, and the pink was just too sharp, and for goodness sake, if that is not an I-phone  unlimited or at least a diamond/titanium porsche blackberry, lose it, in the pictures, thanks.

Okay I wasn't feeling the carmouflage or what do they call it these days, and the Bishop collar isn't my thing either, and I think the choice of colour for the purple jeans was quite brave. I don't know but the guy in the camouflage looked a wee bit out of place. Love the confidence brimming from the other two guys though.

I know you guy can do better than this, I mean are these not the same girls that did Geek versus Naughty, where is the elegance and the touch of sluttiness that I've come to associate you girls with. Not cool.


Love the girl on the right with the red shoes. Yellow and purple?, The multicoloured hair was 'kay.

A limousine will only do so much to show that some people have class. You have to also put effort into it. HABA! That leg strap or panty hose or something is very risky, I say very risky.

In your next party picture I want to see something crazy, a good girl gone bad sort of thing. This is good though, don't get me wrong, but variety, they say, is the spice of life.

Me liking the girl on blue jean shorts.Simple and short, and I've been seeing this girl a lot lately, she can take good pics.

I know you can do better than this. The hair did not do you justice,  leave the hair to the geisha, gurl, you could have done something really heavy or a fly away kind of hair style. But I have to take something good out of this picture, lemme see.............................. Nice body.

Me looking but me no see no Bourgeois status. I know you can do better, you have done better in fact.

Love what the girls wore, and the guy really looks cool. I would forgive the simplicity of his clothes just because I think he looks very cool with the nerdy glasses on. He is fiesty, I love the facial expression.

A beautiful picture to end a wonderful night.

For those of you wondering why I haven't been putting up posts lately, thanks for the messages. I will reply every request for my personality corner with a YES or a NO as soon as possibe. The reason I've been AWOL for a while now is cos I officially became an aunty recently, and the aunty status was a bit shaky if you can decode so I couldn't really do much till everything was in order, but I'm back, and Aurora continues.....

Hope you guys are having a great year.

In a HYPNOTIC state of mind.......

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Aurora features Fejay Dave

Please join me in welcoming a very interesting individual, and a recipient of a lot of awards such as the 
Hypnotic hype award for producer of the year 2011, 
The Nigerian student association (NSA), Lugansk State Medical University award for creativity 2009, 
The Nigerian student association (NSA) Lugansk, award for best producer 2010,
The Nigerian student association (NSA) Lugansk, award for best producer 2011, 
Omo Odua Association Ukraine, award for creativity 2010.

Ladies, gentlemen and readers alike, I give you Fejay Dave.

Kindly tell us your full name and tell us how you came about the name fejay dave?

My name is Olufemi Asunloye,  aka fejaydave. Fe is from Femi, Jay is from junior and Dave is from David. David is my baptismal name

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?

Timbaland, swizz beat n Don jazzy. They all Inspire me with their level of creativity and dexterity in music production and I would also like to work with them.

Is there an album in the pipeline? If so what can we expect from it?

No  there is no album for now, might drop a mix-tape though

How would you describe your sound? What or who influences your music?

I would describe it as afro pop am not restricted to this genre , cause I try to do everything. Musical influences: Timbaland, Ryan Leslie, Swizz beat, Pharell , Don jazzy and 2face

We are in the year 2012 what songs have you been enjoying this year?

E must to be by D'prince, Good girl by Ryan leslie, Forever by Henry Mic , Let it go by bimbo queens, Party tonight by Preachaz son, Happy endings by RoiEezy and Anyone by Flipper

Which songs from your fellow Ukrainian/Nigerian artists do you enjoy listening to, and why?

Lil D (Rip), Henry mic,Smoke, Preachaz son, Slimphaze, L-nice,RoiEezy, jide Rufftune, Smoke, Tipsy, Drastic,Dr shillz, Aliciakizzy, S3m,Changes,Tukul, mc ximik... many more , can't remember all the collabos. The ones that stood out are:  Light up ft Finburg; lets go dere ft preachaz son, drastic and Dr shillz.

You had a number of collaborations, including Sugar ft Preachaz son did any stand out?

Lil D (Rip), Henry mic,Smoke, Preachaz son, Slimphaze, L-nice,RoiEezy, jide Rufftune, Smoke, Tipsy, Drastic,Dr shillz, Aliciakizzy, S3m,Changes,Tukul, mc ximik... many more , can't remember all the collabos. The ones that stood out are:
Light up ft Finburg;
lets go dere ft preachaz son, drastic and Dr shillz.
follow you go by smoke;
Ogbologbo ft rufftune and roiEezy, 
Whatever you want ft Drastic;
One love by L-nice
Bawa soro ft Preachaz son,tipzy, Dr shillz and drastic.

We hear about some of the odd things artists do before going on stage, so what’s the one funny thing you do in your backstage area.

No funny thing, I just get set for my performance and that's it.

Yeah… So, this is kind of an odd question, but… if you had an ideal audience, or an ideal behavior for an audience, what would it be? I mean, do you like them to be rowdy, or…

yeah I like them to be rowdy, and also like them to be calm too, it depends on the song.

Name one female celebrity you would love to get naughty with and why?

International act: Kelly Rowland, she is on point.
Naija act: Tiwa salvage, I like her swag.

What do you think about your fellow musicians here in the Ukraine?

I think they are all on point and I respect their hustle **

How would you like to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as that lil David that came, saw and conquered.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I see myself as the CEO of a major record label, and a medical doctor.

I hate it when performers talk too much in between songs, or use worn out phrases in their lyrics? Seeing as you have performed in a lot of shows, I would like to ask this: What annoying thing have you seen other performers do on stage? 

Nothing comes to mind.

Any last words?

I would like to say a huge thank you to all who have supported me, I really appreciate the love and support. I also have to say a big thank you to my close friends and family.

Any shout outs?

To my fans and well-wishers 
God go make y'all bigger
without you there is no me
like a gun without a trigger.
Big shout to aurora.
I would also like to thank God jah jehova.

It was nice having you here, I hope to have you here again sometime with the release of a new song album or anything. Thank you.

To visit Fejay Dave's Page on Facebook, click HERE
And to listen to his works, click HERE