Friday, 26 October 2012

Rave 9 Partisode candid moments

I am only going to give a few words before I go into this pictures. I'm not even going to explain why this is coming so late, you guys are just going to have to bear with me, but for real though..... IT IS NOT COMPULSORY TO POST YOUR PARTY PICTURES, IF THEY AREN'T LOOKING SO GOOD. Trust me. That being said....

I know for a fact that this chick is actually much more better looking than this, but the camera guy or woman should be stabbed to death. This is over editing in the worst way.

No seriously. What happened to the space on the right side. For all that matters we might be looking at posters, the people there are not even really obvious. SMH. I love what the girl on the left wore.

That unusual moment when this is one of the best pictures of the lot. Simple no need for any extreme gangster signs unlike some people. #wink#

Next. I really don't like boys with long hair, or that plate their hair. If it's not dada, or neatly proportioned afro, loose it.

In relation to the other pictures..... NIce

Loving the nerdy look on the girl, and the subtle red strands on her hair to go with the red blazer and the rim of the glasses was just classic. But the camera woman or man must not like the organizers of this party, haba.

The guy on the extreme left, your ensemble is just perfect. I would have commented on the dark shades in a room, (which is a no-no for me) but I love the outfit and I'm going to let it slide. #regalthings

Nice pose even though I think it has been overdone, nice facial expression, but the camera dude or lady again. #SMH

Another good picture of the lot.

Hokay now, the pic his nice sha. Hi like the guy hat the hextreme right best sha.


Love the shirts. Really matured look, but the gangster sign, leave it for the young uns. This and the picture of the boy in blue are the highlight of the pictures.

There were a lot other pictures, but I am not in the mood to really go in. My f-inbox has been going crazy so I decided to step out of my busy job, and do this.

I have a lot of interviews planned though, stay tuned.......

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