You guys are probably wondering what’s the use of advertising here when you’ve been doing well way before the Aurora Writes blog existed.

I’m not here to convince you to advertise, but I’ll just give you some facts, and let you decide for yourself.

The Aurora Writes blog gets an average of 100 views each day, and that’s when no new posts have been published. Now when a new post has been published, on a bad day, the views reach up to 300 to 350 in a few hours but on a good day, it could go as high up as 500 to 600 views that is depending on the time the post is published.

If it was a worldwide blog, this is a really poor blog status but considering the fact that I blog only on things that concern Nigerians in Ukraine, I should say that this is impressive. So if you’re trying to reach the world through here, it might not be very effective.

I’m really not a face book or Twitter person, but in order to target your advert audience effectively, I might have to become a Tweelass and a regular face booker.

All money gotten from advertising is solely going to be used for the promotion of the blog, and for rewarding my readers when they comment, in the form of free credit or even money transfer if they are compatible.

You can see the Liberty Reserve widget on the right hand corner of the blog; I think it’s a pretty safe means of money transfer, click on it for directions. It’s really easy to use.

You can advertise on the header where the big Aurora writes banner is. You can also advertise below each of my posts, and I think that’s probably the most effective. The adverts would be linked to your website, face-book page or whatever it is you're interested in.

Also if you’d like me to do a write up of your product, service or whatever it is you do, I am more than happy to do that. If you have any specific size you can discuss that with me too.

If you have a new song, new party or business and you’re looking for recognition I can also help out where I can.

A note to people who are interested in advertising but don’t want to because they have been mentioned in one of the reviews or something:  The same tabloids and webloids that diss Beyonce, R.Kelly and other superstars, are the same people that promote them and other stuffs like that.

On another note, don't you just love my list of celebs and personalities? Don't they look really regal.

By advertising on this blog, I do not guarantee maximum sales or recognition of whatever it is you intend to advertise, but it is not impossible to achieve.

You can also help achieving this feat by sharing when it is relevant to you, to increase views.

I am beginning to bore myself with all this unnecessary write up. If you have any questions, contact me by sending an email to, or find me on face book, for a faster reply.
I hope you guys are having a nice Christmas holiday already, God Bless.

Now to start prepping that turkey for the oven!!!!!!!!!!!!!