Thursday, 8 December 2011

Aurora features Kingsbridge entertainment

You had your debut party on what date? Kindly tell us in a few words what the experience was like, and what those that could not attend missed.

We had our Debut Party on the 12th of November 2011. It was amazing as our expectations were beaten by the turn out and the presence of some big names in Ukraine, yeah it was a great party, the party and its publicity got the attention of a lot of people. The planning and organization were precise as we knew what we were going for (the best). It definitely wasn't easy putting something like that together in Kharkov. And to the people who didn't make it to the party, I feel deeply sorry, because I'm sure they've realized what they missed.

Kindly introduce yourselves to your fans, and to all those who are yet to know you.

We are KINGSBRIDGE ENTERTAINMENT, and our names are Aminu Lateef CEO, Ajibowo Afolabi, Raymond Alelumhe, Shola Julius, Odunlami Balogun, Yusuf Ahmed and Opanuga Tobi. We are based in Kharkov but not just for Kharkov.

How did it all start?

It all started in 2010. We met ourselves and realized we were people of like minds with a love of entertainment, so KINGSBRIDGE ENTERTAINMENT was born.

How did you come up with the name Kingsbridge?

We came up, with Kingsbridge because it has a royal and gallant sound to it. More so we are Serving Kings and Queens in Ukraine and outside. 

Really cool, it's good to know that you see your fans as kings and queens. Who's in charge of the planning, I mean do you guys all have specific duties when it comes to the planning of the party. Who's in charge of logo design, fliers, and stuff.

We all have our Specific Duties in Organizing the Party. The CEO supervises Everything, Afolabi Ajibowo relates with the Artists, the DJ and their welfare, Odunlami Balogun does the Production works, Tobi and Raymond are in charge of the Posters and Flyers, Shola Julius (Hymi) is the first artist Under the Record Label. For the role of public relations and promotion, we all do that.

I can see a lot of organization goes into the handling of Kingsbridge affairs, impressive. How do you promote your parties?

We promote Our Parties through, Social Networks, like Face book, Twitter, black Berry messenger and individual advertisements.

IF you could redo your debut night party, what things would you change and what new things would you add.

Smile!!!! We won't have changed anything, really. The only downside was that a lot of people that would have made it had exams that day.

Was there any misbehaviour at the party, if so how was it handled?

There was a little mishap with the security and one of the party attendees at the end of the Party, but we thank God, no one was hurt.

Who's in charge of the photography, and who selects the pictures that get posted on your profile?

Kingsbridge Visions, and Magnifiko Design were in charge of the Photography, Tobi Opanuga and Raymond Alelumhe were in charge of selecting the pictures that were published.

When you guys decided the club to use for the party, what factors did you consider?

We considered the general outlook of the club, its accessibility, security, affordability, and quality service among many other things.

Do you guys have a face-book page, a group, or twitter handle where your fans can interact with you.

Yeah, on Face book, Kingsbridge Entertainment.

As a party planner, what do you consider to be the ultimate satisfaction from your parties, and was it achieved on your debut night?

Yeah, we think the main purposes of parties are to have fun and to cool off. And in our opinion we achieved just that.

Were you guys under pressure as the date of your party approached, did you have second thoughts, and how did you guys overcome the doubts.

I think it's just normal for us to be under pressure. Even though all arrangements were already made, there was always a possibility that something could go wrong. So we were a bit nervous, and for good reason, but as you can see and as have heard, we came through.

Seeing as there are so many Nigerian entertainment groups in Ukraine, what new things do you guys hope to bring that will set you apart from the others.

We are planning to introduce some Hollywood Touches to Our Events.
Hollywood Touches?

Yeah, Hollywood touches as in concepts that are Hollywood worthy.

Any shout outs, advice and stuff you would like to share?
 Our Shout out Goes to all Our Fans, all the people that made it to the party, all the ones that wanted to come but could not make it and most importantly to the Entertainment Groups that supported us, we appreciate you all.

Watch out for Our Upcoming Event in April or May 2012 ... Looking forward to bringing everyone together in a City in Ukraine.
Thank you

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