Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Aurora features DJ Stone

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name's Oshin Dayo Oluwaseun. I'm twenty three years old from Ondo state, and I'm a third year medical student studying Zaporozhye medical university.

When did you decide you wanted to become a DJ, is it a serious or on-the-side thing?
Actually I cant really remember because I have been playing as a DJ right from Nigeria back at my old university; university of Ado-Ekiti. It all started as a fun stuff because I've got lots of professional DJs in the U.S.A as cousins, so I guess I was inspired by them. In Ukraine, I played for a friend on his birthday because his DJ broke up their agreement at the last minute and since then , I became a DJ by people's choice.

Tell us about your current DJ / Production setup? What Hardware / Software do you use?
Well due to the fact that most parties I play in are club parties, I only settle for a Numark mix-track pro for my regular practice and I use any kind of DJ software available. I'm not limited to a particular software but let me just say I use virtual DJ, Traktor 2 and sl3 more often.

What was the first event you ever played at?
The first event I played at was my friend's birthday party. DJ Ay yoo. He was also a DJ too and that was in Nigeria.

How many events have you played at till date?
I seriously can't count the events I've played in Ukraine, they're not that much but I just can't count.

Okay, cool! What’s the best event you’ve played at?
The best event I played in was Zap city Christmas party 2010.

When you play is it a planned set?
No. I play according to mood or should I say Gingah present in the party

Have you ever collaborated with any other DJs or artist, if so, how was the experience, and where did it happen.
Yeah, I have, lots of 'em in Ukraine. I collaborated with DJ Cole twice at Zap city entertainment events, malpractice 2010 and Don't dull party 2011...or should I say I did the opening for him.
I also opened for DJ serega at reggaton party in club mixx Zaporozhye, I did a full collaboration with DJ Ray fresh at Zap city December party, and also again with him and DJ Steven wonder at his club birthday party, which was first club experience so I did not play much.

That's pretty impressive, anyways, who’s throwing the best parties at the moment?
With no sentiment, I think Zap city entertainment. They are really doing a great job, all their parties are always out of this world. You can try and prove me wrong by coming to the Zap city x-mas party 2011.

What’s you favorite track / record / album / mix set of all time?
I actually don't have a favorite track.

Where do you live currently?
I live in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

Funniest thing that ever happened at an event? 
I have no recollection of any funny thing happening at an event.

Really? You must be really good at what you do. Other DJs you rate?
I rate all DJs all over the world because it's not easy making people dance for hours. Believe me, being a DJ is not an easy job.

Yeah I get, especially when the DJ who's supposed to be focused on churning out good songs, wants to dance too. What do you think about MC’s and their role in hip hop/dance music culture? 
Great, really great. They are like spice in a meal, without them, the meal is not a meal.

You have a really peculiar way with words, what do you do outside of the dance music scene?

I design, more of graphics now a days, don't want to say much about that, let me just keep the ice freezing

Like I said, you have a very peculiar way with words but let me just keep the ice freezing on that. Anything else you want to say? Any shout outs?
I just want to say a big shout out to all my supporters, I love them all, to all the DJs that have inspired me DJ Tope Boogie in USA, DJ soupamodel aka DJ nappyboy DJ USA, and all my fellow DJs in Ukraine, Cole, Stupid, Ray fresh, Val, Ice, Anita, Jizzle and so on. I also want to say a big shout out to zap city entertainment crew, thanks for the support and also to my friends and families, and of course my girl, Tomi Adamo aka you all.

That's all folks, thank you very much DJ Stone for this interview, hope you have a nice week.

Disclaimer: Picture above is no property of Aurora but of Zap city

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