Friday, 7 October 2011

Don't Dull Kodak Moments

I wonder why I never learn from experience. When you anticipate something too much or when it is over-hyped, I usually tend to get disappointed. I get the whole with-holding pictures you know to create anticipation and all, one week is okay, a week and some days maybe, but anything after that, except the pictures were taken by Nigel Barker or directed by Jay Manuel.....

Don't get me wrong, Don't Dull party was the bomb, it shook Ukraine I can tell you that, if you go to Google and search you'll notice that on the 24th of September, abnormal seismic waves were detected around Crow bar Hotel Intourist, why? Because Zap City was holding a party...

Truth be told I expected less, because from the starting point of my journey things had already started going down hill. First flight problems, second journey problems and third location problems. I had no idea where the location was, but after a series of unfortunate events, I got to the event just in time to catch all the performances.

I must not lie, some of the performances, I've heard babies goo-goo-gaga better to more complex beats, while others really rocked, I know Britney spears gets dissed because she likes to lip-sync, but seriously, lip-syc-ing seemed like a good option at this point. I think that's basically all I can say for now, lets take a look at the pictures.

This is the second time she's making it to my blog, so kudos to you. She was at the candy party, and if I were to compare that picture with this… OMG.

I thought you were not afraid of AJe, you should have checked up on it again! Nice outfit though.

I wasn't just inspired to analyze this, the only reason this picture made it here is because the guy on the right did not master the ceremony.

I think the picture says it all. It so happens he wasn't among the noise makers. Poster material, would definitely want this picture autographed by the performer.

If really, a picture speaks a thousand words, this was definitely the conversation between the two girls.
Miss Crimea: Oh dang it! My thumb hurts, already tired of using the mont blanc to sign all these autographs now I have to do pictures too, go play somewhere, I'm busy.
Friend: Oh Soko please!!!! I waited all year for this. I have a shrine of you in my room!
Miss Crimea: Stalker alert!

She always has something on her hair, and I find that consistency is inspiring if it is done well. I thought the dress was just too simple for me, and the so many wrist bands and bangles, I think there should be a law prohibiting too much accessory. By the way, skinnies never go well with anything in the pocket.

To the guy on the right, this just shows you have no idea what the salon is for, book an appointment ASAP, or did Halloween come early smh. To the other guy, nice ensemble the red shoes with the red belt was good.

In as much as I see Odiri in this picture, I want to reassure you Christina all those twihating on you just shows you've got potential, use it and be original. As for the others, you owned your outfits.

Just another reason for Jesus to weep: I think Jesus pieces are over-rated in my opinion. And lose the shoes please!

In as much as I love your dress you would have made another color the color of 2020. Yep, you stunning girl, but that bag really did not do justice to the dress.

I actually did not get the memo that white and red was the theme of the party (damn you zap city). 

Chaotic if you ask me. There was too much going on here, just too much effort and we all know that at times less is better than too much.

My point exactly. Less is better than too much. Nice smile, you have my vote for Miss Petite Crimea, I would have loved to see the shoes though.

You don't always have to strike a pose in every picture to look good, and you certainly don't have to be the prettiest girl either, that being said,there was something so real and satisfying about this picture especially the girl in red, the laughter was truly from the heart.

You redefined leg-popping. In as much as I know it's supposed to happen during the kiss, I still love the picture.

Says Miss Crimea: Finally, I'm done with the autographs and stalkers, now me and my Biautches can do our thing the bourgeois way, let's go dollz.

Says Aurora Dandridge: Now I felt the girl in blue nailed the picture. Granted she's used that dress in a couple of other unrelated photo-shoots, it still worked. Soko should have shown off her height and tossed her head back you know, it looked as if she was compensating for the others by bending her neck hence given her a kind of goofy look. Nice outfits in general though.

A case of self-induced cataracts, and yes I know they are supposed to be contacts but.... and was that MI with the shades, could I feature him on this blog?

For some reason Kanye comes to mind when I look at this picture. The guys in green, purple and orange did it for me.

 It seems Zap city went all out with the security for this party considering the fact that Captain America decided to grace the event.

Just so there's no confusion, this is about the guy in the middle, the fourth guy from the left and from the right. It's a pity I could not find a personal picture of him on that outfit. A lot of guys were on red, but this dude gave a whole new perspective to that color, I mean if red was a country, he would be the president, you had every accessory going for you, and you make me want to withdraw my statement on Jesus pieces.

In Other gists....

After all has been said and done, I had a nice time at the party, and it's just unfortunate that some people who attended the party were smart enough not to take any picture at the red carpet because with what they wore on that day, compared to what they wear even on a normal day, I thought it was kind of insulting. 

DJ Cole really did a great job at the party, and there was another DJ I spotted at the DJ boot who will be featured next on this blog.

Disclaimer: All pictures are trademarks and properties of Zap city for the Don't Dull party not Aurora Dandridge's.


  1. Making sense pictures. I love the guys that make Kanye come to your mind. There was one stunning picture you missed, and it was Hyme when he was performing, it beat your poster boy's picture up there. BTW he is the guy with white shirt and red trouser wearing the Jesus piece, and I thought the MI guy looked cool. Generally speaking nice blog, love the idea, this is like a free magazine on its own. I'm subscribed to you, so far you done overtly diss people on here, do not stop what you are doing...

  2. Thank you for visiting the blog, lol. And it's not over, I'm still going to do a post on the best of the best pictures, and a who wore it best post as well. I'm sure you're going to love it. And I have a surprise column where ordinary people order than entertainment groups and Djs and performers and producers can be featured. Just stay tuned.


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