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Aurora features Ginjah Entertainment

If you haven't been to any of their parties, you have at least heard about it, and if you haven't heard about it, you must have at least heard about one or two of the members. One of the most talked about entertainment groups, they're known for their wicked and amazing themed parties.
Nominees at the Hype Awards for the best party category, I am elated to present to you Ginjah entertainment.

Kindly introduce yourselves to your fans, and to all those who are yet to know you.

We are Ginjah Entertainment. A group of four guys based in Simferopol, Ukraine. We are, Nsed Ebaye, Tomiwa Balogun, Hope Okpokam, and Ayotunde Ayobello.

It's nice to meet you guys, so tell us, how did it all start?

About two years ago, we noticed that the party scene in Ukraine was at a point where we could try out new and exciting concepts. There were a lot of parties back then but only a few of them had something new to offer. We decided to do something about it instead of complaining, so we got together and started the group.

I think people can learn from that, if a lot of folks got up and took control instead of complaining, I'm sure the world would be a much better place. How did you come up with the name, was it always Ginjah entertainment, or did it evolve from something else.

It has always been Ginjah Entertainment. It was just one of those crazy moments where you had to quickly come up with a name! Someone suggested it and we all laughed but we ended up sticking to the name anyways…

I'm glad you guys did because it's really catchy and it sticks plus it makes you wonder what it means. What does Ginjah mean?
Ginjah just means anything exciting, crazy and fun.

Who's in charge of the planning, I mean do you guys all have specific duties when it comes to the planning of the party. Like who's in charge of logo design, fliers, and stuff?

Most of the time, we try to split the work load among ourselves. There’s no specific person in charge of any aspect, we just come together, exchange ideas and then improve on the best ones. It easier when it’s a team effort.

How do you promote your parties?

Most of our publicity is done on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. We have a group on Facebook for example, where we raise awareness and give info about all our upcoming events.

What has been your worst experience to date planning parties?

Worst experience so far was our first party about two years ago. We were really nervous! We thought people were not gonna show up because we were a new group and we didn’t really know how to go about inviting people and all. The party later turned out great.

How do you react to misbehaviors at your parties if there has ever been any?

We try to do our best to prevent bad behaviors at our parties, but the thing is that most times, there’s really nothing much party organizers can do bout people misbehaving so it all comes down to the people attending the party. We just try to invite people we’re sure will not start up something like that.

I think your concepts are crazy-wicked, take the GLOW IN THE DARK PARTY of last year, and THE CANDY PARTY of this year, how do you guys come up with the concept.
Yeah I know right! Everybody in the group is quite creative so we basically just come together and exchange ideas and concepts. We try to improve on the best ones and see what we end up with. We also make sure we get the opinions of a few people before we finally agree on a party concept because some might be too demanding for party goers! I remember we thought about having a ‘Yacht Party’ one time but when we got responses like, ‘ah, what if something goes wrong, and the boat sinks’ or ‘what if someone gets drunk and jumps off the boat?’ We decided to chill!

In my opinion I think a yacht party would have been a good idea, but I get your point. When deciding a club to use for your parties, what factors go into place?

We consider the number of people we are expecting for the party first of all and then other requirements fall in. For example, for our Candy Party, we needed a club that could double as a runway for the fashion show segment, in this case, a circular club would not work. That was one of the main reasons we chose the club we used.

Do you guys have a face-book page, a group, or twitter handle where your fans can interact with you?

We have a group on Face book: Ginjah Entertainment…People can join and receive updates.

As a party planner, what do you consider to be the ultimate satisfaction from your parties?
The ultimate satisfaction comes when everything goes out as planned and the people that attend are having a good time.

Are you ever under pressure when the party season comes up, to deliver quality entertainment to your fans, if so how do you deal with it?
Yeah definitely! Once you pull off a good party, there will always be pressure on your next party to top it. We just use the pressure as motivation to deliver because the pressure only means people have big expectations from you.

On the concept of the I.V on your last party, what was that about?

Yes that is an aspect we really got stick from. A lot of people said we were forming (Okay maybe we were a little) but we really just wanted to make it a classy event. We also didn’t require too many people cos we needed the candies to go round so the I.V part came in handy…. but being the first time, there were bound to be a few problems. We forgot to give some people I.Vs, Some peoples' I.Vs were sent to the wrong states, some I.Vs were even held hostage by jealous boyfriends (Laughs) and so on.

How do you respond to those who really wanted to come for your last party but couldn't make it because they weren't given I.Vs.

Umm…we actually discovered this quite late, our bad! Yeah and we tried inviting more people that wanted to come but most of them didn’t fancy the idea of coming without an I.V. We'll put all of that into consideration for our next party though!

Any shout outs you'd like to give?

A big shout out to our Simferopol fam, all our friends and well wishers. 

It was really nice to have you guys on here,  hope you have a wonderful week, and you keep coming up with more concepts, and if anyone is reading this, I would like to see you guys do a Halloween or costume party, so I can come as Marilyn Monroe or better yet, Aurora Dandridge.

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