Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fuji Moments of Green October

I know most of my readers have been waiting impatiently for my review of this party. And truth be told, I really did not want to review it because there was just no motivation. However, by popular demand only for a review of the pictures, I came up with this....

On the first of October, the one and only H1, organized their signature party to mark the day Nigeria got its independence, I really have nothing much to say, let the pictures speak for themselves.

If this was the highest point of the party, sigh….

Under-age alert

Hmm…. Hmm…. I know skinny pants are back in style, but I did not know overrrrr skinny shirts were in too.

Wow, Vic-o inspired (In case you do not know Vic-o, click HERE

If you're trying to make a combo, try not to complicate things for yourself, take a cue from Jam Jam, simplicity #whiteiseternal

B.O.B in the building.

Fantastic pose… nah not you, I mean the dude in the middle.

CARLZ FRESHKID…. I'd definitely take the blazer and keep it as a souvenir.

TC Peruzzi, Abikun tidé, you have a very unstable pattern of dressing. For the candy party, you checked up, for the Don’t dull party you went all out and sealed my lips, I thought the seal would last longer than a week, unfortunately with this you just opened Pandora's box. Please you need a new wardrobe manager, *Wink*

It really isn't a hard noks life for him. He seems to be enjoying every bit of this life from the "Grillz" to the signature shades. #Dope

Yeah, someone finally got it right with the hair.

If pictures could talk, this is what went down between the two girls.
Girl in beret: Queen B, you made it to the parrrrrryyyy!!!!!
Girl in blue: Wa séré!!!! No dulling! Beat by Dre, play the muusik!

IN conclusion

That's all folks, at least these are the pictures I found that were worth talking about. Like I said in the last post a few hours ago, stay tuned for my interview with another entertainment group.

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