Thursday, 20 October 2011

First Beyonce, then Kelly Rowland, is it just me, or is it a destiny's child thing....

I'm beginning to think that this copy cat thing is not just a Beyonce thing, but a destiny's child thing in general, wotcha Michelle.

So, we're all familiar with how Beyonce has been dubbed a copy cat due to various similarities in her music videos, and stage performances with other videos and performances. Let me just list a few ones that caught my attention.

First on her Run the world performance at the Bill Board music awards where it was said that she copied Lorella Cuccarini who did the same performance in front of large video screens.

Then there was Beyonce in the 2007 BET awards where she rose unto the stage in a futuristic robot costume that slowly broke away to reveal a revealing dress inside. Kylie Minogue however, had already done the same thing in her 2002 world tour, in fact, wild buff media went as far to call it a "complete rip off".

She was also accused of copying New edition on her video LOVE ON TOP, also accused of stealing moves from iconic Bob Fonce on her SINGLE LADIES video and accused for copying Teresa De Keersmaeker on her COUNTDOWN choreography, see video below. This was just to obvious I had to put it.
That being said, I would just like to say that at least Beyonce does it with... well I can't say style, but it's obvious she adds her own flare to it, and we must all agree that, in Luke Jennings words,  "works of art often reference works of other arts."

That being said, I expected Kelly Rowland to take a higher road and be original. Have you heard her latest single. It has an amazing video if you ask me, and that's if you're into soft p***n and all, the only problem was that it practically lifted scenes from another video of a less popular artist. Here's the video...
I love that she finally has stepped out of her shell, and is her own artist. It was obvious there was a lot of chemistry between her and big Sean, and in as much as the bikini she was wearing looked a tad like a diaper, she really came through, but there's still the issue of the copying from no other person than Livvi France, a nobody to most readers I'm sure, so here's her own video which was done about a year or so ago
I don't get it seriously. It's such a pity that this song happens to be one of her best songs. I'm hoping Michelle will break that jinx you know, and go original on every one's asses. At least the words you'll be hearing from people's mouths will be, "She might be the least popular member of Destiny's child, but at least she's original."

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