Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Christmas in Zap

On Christmas Eve, Zapcity entz organized a party. I am really glad that the pictures were released almost immediately, but even if it was released later,  unlike the DON'T DULL party, it would have been totally worth it, because the pictures were quite good, not the magazine top notch quality yet, but still excelentay (I couldn't find e with an accent on my keyboard.)
It took me time, but eventually I got to the pictures.

So I'm going to start with the best, and then pick random pictures just like that.

Granted, the camera quality was not so great, but don't you just love the expression, like the girl in red is letting the other girl in on a dirty little secret that goes something like THIS, really evil, sensual and seductive. Somebody better call the police. And did you notice the colour widening of the eyes, the multicoloured fingernails with matching bangles.

Initially when I saw this picture, my first thought was that it is really not possible for five people in a picture to all look good, then of course I did a little research and discovered something that I'd like to call the cheerleader effect. What's the cheerleader effect, you ask? The cheerleader effect is when a group of women, in this case men seem very hot but only as a group, but take all of them apart, and they don't seem as hot any more. That being said, the picture is 'kay, starting with the guy on the extreme left, to the next guy and so on.

And for the first time, someone made goofiness plus gangsterism look cool. Didn't really like those black straps as they were exposed like that though.

The dangers of rocking the same outfit cannot be overemphasized. Someone always looks better, it doesn't matter if both of you look good in it  (and they kind of do)once it looks better on the other person, it cancels out the other person rocking the outfit entirely. Seriously, now if I have to pick, the girl on the left definitely rocked it better.

Perfect shot, if this was a wedding, and he was making a toast to the bride and groom, meanwhile regretting deep down that he slept with the bride just a few days back.

Hmm, really cool picture. Remember when I lectured you guys on the cheerleader effect, well get out your pens and start taking notes for this picture here, is a clear example of the reverse cheer leader effect. Now I'm not going to say anything further, I implore you readers to use your head and figure what I mean. If you still can't, then click HERE for my lecture. It's not exactly in that context, but you get the point.

Hmm, if I didn't know better I would have said this was someone else. Anyway, I like the expression that Tomiwa sorry, this guy had on his face, but the hand and the holding of the phone looked really awkward.

At times big is sexy, so I don't see any reason why the guy had to suck in, made him look uncomfortable. Love the colours, the blue complements the white and the black in the middle balances errything out. A good example of Simple and good.

Quality-wise this picture was in need of major de-speckling, this is what Rick Ross could have looked like. Would have loved to see a Cuban cigar though.

I love the casual look of the picture, the white girls really look cute, and the guy with the red watch and matching top looks like someone's pimp. And the guy with the wine bottle, not bad either.

Is this a mistake or was it a planned pose. If it was a mistake, it's a good mistake, if it was planned, good pose, I like, but I'm not a big fan of the cap though.

Can I get his number, anyone have it?

The Eve Party in a one picture.................

All in all I'm sure the party was great, however procuring these pictures wasn't an easy thing to do, but it is done, hope you guys are having a nice year already. To the organizers, more grease to your elbows....

I'M DONE!!!!

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  1. Nyc...i like ur blog...
    as for the guys numba u want I could help u out he's my
    def would be back again !


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