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Aurora features Bourgeois dollz

Kindly introduce yourselves to your fans, and to all those who are yet to know you.

We are the Bourgeois dollz. We used to be seven but now we are six. (soko-wan-chi, Kemi olaosun, Roxy Babs, Busola Ayewolo, DJ Beeba (first female DJ) and Gladys Fajimolu.

Can you clarify for us once and for all the pronunciation of Bourgeois dollz because I've heard a lot of bizarre pronunciations like bugoyz, buggy, bujhee, and efforts to correct them with my new Webster has proven futile.

Bor- je-our ( you can use an audio dictionary to get the pronunciation) 

LMAO, I wonder why I didn't think of that, anyways, how did it all start?

Well, it was Roxy Babs and Busola that came up with the idea of starting an all girls entertainment group.

I love the name and the uniqueness about it, and I think anyone that doesn't know what it means would be intrigued enough to want to find out. How did you come up with the name?

Bourgeois has a lot to do with wealth. So basically, bourgeois dollz is a group of classy and refined girls coming together to do something epic. Actually DJ Beeba came up with the name.

How has the reception been? Has there been any setbacks, you know being an all female entertainment group and stuff?

It's been good and people are really welcoming but you know there are always people that will just want to drag you down and make you stark raving mad but we have pulled through. We've had a couple of minor set backs here and there but nothing we can't handle.

I really get you, I label those kind of people that drag other people down as nay sayers, but I tend to look at them as a sign that I am really doing something good. I think it's inspiring to other girls, an all female entertainment group. Can you tell us what's the motivation behind it?

n Ukraine all the entertainment group consist of only males and we are out to show that girls can do equally as good as they could, plus we do it in freaking high heels.

I am aware that you guys are based in Simferopol which is also home to the members of Ginjah entertainment, how has the experience been, do you sometimes feel pressured by their presence or is it the other way around?

It's been good, they are really supportive and they've got our backs, we don't feel pressured by them and neither do they. We have our different styles of planning events but class is our common ground.

CLASS IS OUR COMMON GROUND!!! Sorry I just had to capitalize on that, I love that statement. Who's in charge of the planning, I mean do you guys all have specific duties when it comes to the planning of the party. Like who's in charge of logo design, fliers, and stuff.

We all have our specific roles to play. Kemi and Debbie for instance are in charge of accounts and venue, Busola, Folarin and Gladys are in charge of tickets, publicity and networking, DJ Beeba as her name implies does all the music and sound work.

How do you promote your parties?

Mainly through face book and twitter and we have certain people we can call on to help with the publicity.

How many parties have you organized till date, and what are we to expect from you girls in the future?

We have just had one major party so we can't say for now but we would be having a party soon so watch out for our posters on face book and twitter.

I definitely will, and would most definitely attend. How do you react to negative remarks about your parties if there has ever been any?

for negative remarks we take it as the individual's opinion which they are entitled to, so when we hear them we just brush it off and move forward.

Considering the fact that you have another entertainment group in the same state, how do you guys pick the date for your parties?

We know Ginjah mainly have their parties in September so we don't fix any parties for that month, then for other months we ask around to see what parties are going on, where and when then we choose the best month for us. There are so many things we consider it's actually a bit stressful.

Do you guys have a face-book page, a group, or twitter handle where your fans can interact with you.

Yes we have a face book page but you can contact us individually on face book or twitter.

As a party planner, what do you consider to be the ultimate satisfaction from your parties.

The pleasure you get when people are having fun. No matter how little they may be, just to see them having fun is priceless.

What advice do you have for other females who want to start something as epic as what you guys are doing, but lack the courage to do so?

Just be spontaneous and do it but make sure your goal is to have fun and trust us you would have fun.

Any shout outs, should we be on the look out for a party any time soon. And finally any last words?

Shout out to Jay Jay Odimega he helped pull us together, shout out to simferopol in general, Ginjah entertainment, DJ Cole you are awesome, TC Peruzzi, Jide Rufftunes, Hymi, Roy, Emeka Hypnotic and everyone that came to Debut Weekend hope to see you at our next event.

To follow them on face-book, click HERE.

I am really happy to have had you guys on this blog, see you at your next party, I will definitely be there.
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  1. No offense, but i think this is your best interview yet, and I like the pictures. Please stick to this, forget about those party reviews, they are interesting no doubt but are just too negative.

  2. smart answers.
    well put-together interview.


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