Friday, 1 June 2012

All Black Everything

I post pictures for only two reasons. Either because they are just that good, or so bad. I never post pictures if they are in between because it's going to be a boring post. These pictures were in between and if I hadn't received a couple of requests to review these pictures, I would have been snoozing, preparing the posts I have planned for the next semester. You guys should expect the unexpected.  lol.

In as much as the pose is getting tired. I still like it, he looks evil, and the black only made it worse, in a good way. Love it, the only problem is that I'm used to seeing this pose. A more sophisticated look won't be bad either.

You really don't have to dress in a sleezy way to get people's attention and this lady proves it. A very simple gown, with a necklace and shoes to match (I'm not a fan of the shoes by the way but still.) Yes you look elegant

Another nice one, classy, I love. I love the shoes, and I like that she's not wearing any horrid looking panty hose, but again maybe it's because she knows her legs are almost flawless. Lovely, flaunt what you've got babe. The smile didn't do her justic though , it was almost as if it was copied and pasted. You'll understand when you see the other pictures.

Loving this as well. I'm not a fan of the watch though, but every other thing is cool. The pose is one of the best I've seen since I started paying attention, and the leeegggssss, nice.

But for the panty hose, this picture would have been amazing. Don't do that darling, or at least wear a colour that won't stand out so much against the flash light or something. 

I'm only posting this picture because of Wizkid sorry, the guy in yellow pants. You cute, you cute. If anyone can give me his name as a comment I would be very grateful.

OMG is that queen Doubra. Your highness Morowei I come bearing gifts. Anyway, differences aside. I think they both killed it. The girl on the left looks too cute it's not even funny, an all black shoe would have been nice, or a single colour but still, justice was done to fashion in this pic. Doubra's pose is very risqué, a little more push and it might have been awkward. #ihopemyenglishiscorrect.

I hope you understand me now, when I say copy and paste.

If looks could kill, the camera that took this picture would have exploded on the first snap, and the photographer's family would be dead. It's not compulsory to take a (black carpet) picture if you don't want to. I'm even scared as I'm writing this, and I'm trying not to make eye contact. Is this a clique or something, and is she the Queen B or what, I don't understand. The girl on her right is looking good though, loving the crazy coloured shoes, I think I have something similar to that.

Honestly, those shoes!!!!! I'm exercising my right to remain silent, but jeez!!!

She reminds me partly of Chilli in TLC and ARA the drummer. I love it, she's among the best dressed I've seen.

I give this dude a 100% for the effort. This is so brave, I totally have (not totally) no problem, the shoes, the coloured pants even the blazer are good to go. The only problem I have is the chest hair if my eyes are not deceiving me. It's my opinion, I know a lot of girls that are into body hair, but I don't dig it.

The girl with the scanty hair is cute. Not a big fan of the outfit, but it's still good.

Was this a house party or club party, just asking to be sure. And where are all them other cute guys, haba!!!!

Is that a Supra or is it just an oversized shoe. Leave this kind of shoes to the teenagers, you are way better than this. You just messed this up for me, when I asked where are the cute guys, you were what I had in mind, but this shoes.... NO!!!

Sweet. To the guy in red, thank you for wearing this. People just because it is a black on black party does not mean you must wear black even though you know that the black you have is not, well...... I'm not saying you should not follow dress code, but please if what you have under the dress code is not making sense, then wear what is. In other gist, I like guys that take out time to sort out what they wear. cool!!!!!

That's all folks.

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