Monday, 19 September 2011

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Aurora Dandridge, it's obviously not my real name, but it works for what I intend to use this blog for. This blog is solely for entertainment purposes, where I will be posting thingzzz and stuffzzz that call to my attention. For example, Nigerian parties in the Ukraine.

I will be talking about parties me or my partners attended, blogging about them if they were interesting, manageable or downright boring and razz. And there will be pictures to showcase the event. We will be putting up pictures of those we thought were well dressed, badly dressed and outrageously dressed.

You will find anything on this blog, upcoming musicians, wannabe's, and a lot of stuffs. Here we'll be having a pic  of the week for boys and girls, best dressed of the week, a lot of things will be going on here from all the major states where the Nigerian population are in the Ukraine, and in some extreme cases, people from other nationalities.

So there are many options for you to get featured on this blog. Do something worthy of mention, cause a fight in a party, dress to kill at a party, wear the same clothing countless times to different parties, be pretty or handsome, or be ugly with fierce attitude.

If you have any topic you would like me to blog about, you can send me an email to, and if it is approved, we will blog about it.

Right now, we can't wait for the ZAPCITY party coming up on the 24th of September. I wasn't able to attend their first party, but from what I hear, and the award they won, I am sure it's going to rock Ukraine. We are looking forward to it.

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