Friday, 23 September 2011

Have you seen Aje in real life.

Hiding behind an alias, na wetin dem call these days. Okpolo Oshi, Aje, on only me, what again eleyi ma poju...... oooo! I am not even real.

Anyways moving on, you should be proud that your name even made it to the blog Check on check na ordinary technicality, nothing more, you did not see me attacking your looks didja. Do you know how I am coming to Zaporozhye, by air, and I can't even afford plane ticket. Wear the same thing on Saturday, and you will see aje in canon.

Look I just call it as it is, if you're offended by my blog, stop reading, stop tweeting about it because you're only making people visit it.

And as for the hiding behind an alias, yeah I'm two-faced, what's new. To end this note, let's listen to this wonderful music from our talented TC Peruzzi, take my mind off the name calling.

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